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Netflix of International Travel Medical Insurances

*The post is sponsored by SafetyWing, and the post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through the links in this post, we receive a small commission, which does not affect the price you pay.

If you are travelling at long period of times getting a travel insurance can become very expensive and might sometimes be a real pain in the ass during the trip. Your coverage of insurance companies from your home country might not be flexible enough and they can cover up only for short period of times.

What if you’re travelling around the world either full time or living as a nomadic lifestyle moving from country to another? Does the insurance of your home country cover up long term travelling and if so; At what price? For example in Finland most of the insurance companies only covers up 45 days continuously unless you pay for the extension. Also does the company cover you while you’re scuba diving or mountain biking?

We came across an insurance company called SafetyWing which is specifically designed for long-term travelers, or for example, nomads and remote workers who are constantly traveling or staying away from their home countries.

SafetyWing is a travel medical insurance which is as easy to get as opening a Netflix account. You will be charged a four-week period and a cancelling the subsciption can be made any time. You can even start the subscription while you are already travelling. So there’s no need to visit or even contact your home country according the subscription or cancelling.


What does SafetyWing cover?

SafetyWing not only protects you in case of sudden illnesses or accidents, but also your checked-in luggage and travel delay and trip interruption. It does not, for example, cover broken or stolen laptops or cameras but it does cover your lost luggage if it is properly checked in for the flight. In addition, the value of an individual item packed in a suitcase shall not exceed $500. So you should also take an separate luggage insurance from a different company just in case something happens during your trip.

But if you get suddenly ill or get into a traffic accident (which is quite common in Asia) or even have to visit a dentist suddenly, have no fear. SafetyWing insurance covers you up to $USD 250,000.

Unlike many domestic insurances, SafetyWing also covers quite a variety of activities and hobbies during your trip. These include scuba diving, skateboarding, mountain biking and many water activities.

SafetyWing covers children between the age of 14 days until ten years old at no additional charge. There is a limit of one child per adult or two children per family. However, at this stage, the life of a digital nomad might not be the ideal solution anyway.

What is not covered by SafetyWing?

As you may already be aware of even SafetyWing doesn’t cover up everything. That includes cancer treatments, routine checkups, chronic illnesses or any other medical issues that needs to be checked or treated on a regular basis.

SafetyWing also doesn’t cover up mental issues or sexually transmitted diseases. So remember always to use protection. We know it’s nicer to drive only with rims but then again don’t make a scene afterwards.

For a complete list of inclusions and exclusions please visit SafetyWing’s website.



Who can be insured by SafetyWing?

An insurance can be bought anyone who is at least 18 years old unless your home country is Iran, North-Korea or Cuba or you have a Cuban citizenship. SafetyWing also washes it’s hands if you are being kidnapped to Somalia, Nigeria or Afghanistan. So in that case you have to put your trust into something bigger. Like Boeing AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter.

What if I visit my home country? Am I still covered?

Yes you are. However there are few restrictions. For each 90-day period, you may visit your home country for a 30-days and then you have to exit the country. The purpose of the return visit shall not be to seek medical care in your home country.

However, the US is an exception, as US citizens can only stay in their home country for 15 days instead of thirty.

If you stay longer in your home country, your travel insurance will be interrupted until you leave the country again. There’s no way to get any extra days for your insurance. The coverage resumes once you are out of the country again.


How do I cancel the subscription?

Same way as you cancel any streaming services. Login to your SafetyWing account and go to your profile and click “Stop insurance”. Easy as that. But remember that you’re being charged on four weeks periods. Your paid premiums will be refunded in full if a cancellation request is received prior to the certificate effective date.

But how much does SafetyWing cost?

That’s the best thing about it since SafetyWing is surprisingly cheap considering how widely it covers and how easy it is to use. A four-week period’s price will start from $USD 37 depending on your age. For travelers to the United States, the package is more expensive since prices start from $USD 68.

If you want to know more about SafetyWing please visit their website.