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How expensive is Koh Samui?

When planning a trip you always think about your budget and the price level of your destination. That’s why we decided to offer some help, telling about the price level of Koh Samui. How much does beer cost? How expensive is a Thai massage, how much does a rental scooter cost? We will give more detailed answers to these in this post.

We write prices in euros, for ease of understanding (if you use euros). This way you don’t have to think about currency conversion, because we’ve done the work for you.

(Note: 1 € = 34,2thb and 1 $USD is 31thb)

From Big C you can find everything you need and more.

Food and drink

First let’s start with the most important thing – eating. Sure it all depends a lot on where you eat and what you put into your mouth. In a Thai restaurant, a meal with a soda costs about three euros. This means the simplest portions like Pad Thai, Tom Yum, Curry, fried rice, etc. If you want to have fish instead, the price tag depends of a fish that’s used in your dish but generally the price is 6-10 euros. If you’d like to have hamburgers, pizza, pasta or steaks, the prices are about the same as fish dishes. You can get pizza and pasta at the lowest price of 7 euros, but for example pizza with three different meat with a double cheese and jalapenos will cost more than 10 euros.

We have no experience with Samui fine dining restaurants, but the prices are certainly at a fine dine level, so at least double the prices compared to a “normal” restaurants.

You don’t have to pay more than 3€ to get a Red Curry like this.

But what about the drinking? A half-liter bottle of Coca-Cola at a store will cost about 50 cents and 1.25-liter bottle costs 80 cents. In restaurants, a price tag for half-liter bottle is 80 cents. Fresh coconut can be bought for about 0.8 to 2.5 euros. The most expensive coconuts we’ve seen so far are at the restaurants at Chaweng Central Festival Mall. If you want to bring coconuts to the hotel (and figure out how break them) you might want to get them from the Makro. From there you’ll get eight coconuts with the price of 8.3 euros. They will even brand the coconuts for you if you’d like.

A six-bottle pack of water costs something between one or two euros depending on whether you buy it from a large Makro or from a small 7 Eleven. Juice costs two euros, milk canister 2.6€. The amount of milk, though, is not a one-liter carton, but rather a two-liter jar.

How about the most important drink of them all? Yes: Beer. In stores one bottle will cost 0.8€ and if you buy it from the restaurants you’ll have to pay at least an extra euro. If you want to get smashed and get a whole pallet, you will have to pay € 14-20 depending of the brand. Bottle of great vodka costs about 17€. Prices of a cocktails are from 2.3€ up to 9€. Unless you really want to show off you can pay 17€ for one drink. Yes it’s possible to spend all your money on alcohol in here aswell.

A bottle of wine can be bought from the lower shelf at 6 euros and a bottle of whiskey at 11 euros. If you are a “spaddu man or a woman” (means if you are a smoker) you can get a box of Marlboro for a bit less than four euros. If you want to smoke Thai brands they will cost about 1€.

For the youngsters; The best of the SpärdeSbores (energy drinks), the Shark, costs 75 cents, and the small bottle of Red Bull is 28 cents. Same price is for the local M150 bottle, the one that locals chugs more than water. But if you want your daily energy dose from coffee, the 250g pack of coffee beans costs about four euros. In a cafe, a cup of coffee costs three euros.

Other purchases and services

If you are staying in Samui for a longer period of time or you’re staying in a smaller resort or maybe even in a house that doesn’t include room service, you might be interested this next section.

A pack of four rolls of paper towels costs two euros and a pack of sanitary napkins for women from one to two euros. The price of shampoo and soap is three euros per bottle.

What about clothes? Of course, branded clothing costs (and are mostly available at the Central Festival mall) but you can buy much more affordable clothing from night markets, street shelters and near big supermarkets. Locals often buy clothes from these, because they sell clothes with the price of 3€. However the quality isn’t so great with these and those comfortable and colorful “elephant pants” will most likely rip apart before the first wash. The shirts seems to be a bit better quality but the pants are just waste of money. You can also buy “genuine fake” clothes that has four Adidas stripes, Nike’s logo upside down and with the text “YOU R IMAGINATION IS YOUR IMAGINATINIS” on the side and Gucci’s brand on the washcloth. And if this isn’t enough there are also pants with all of these mixed up.

The “100 baht clothing” might look and feel nice but unfortunately they wont last long.

There are also a number of 20 Baht Shops on the island, where everything costs 20 Baht, equals 60 cents (so pretty much the same thing as in Dollar Stores). These include dishes, cleaning supplies, rugs, toys, and even some electronics. The quality may not be that great but people usually buy brushes, door mats, beach slippers and cheap restaurant dishes from these.

Concerning laundry; Laundry services cost between 0.8€ and 1.5€ per kilo, depending on where you bring your laundry. If you pay a couple more euros, you will also get them ironed.

You can rent a scooter for 4.30€ per day with the monthly price running between 60€ and 90€. This is strongly depending by the season (low or high) and for how long period of time you are renting the scooter. Sure the condition and model of the vehicle also make a difference, but the honest opinion is that no one needs a more powerful one than a 125cc Honda Click. If the guy in a bike shop claims that you won’t get anywhere with the bike less than 150cc, go somewhere else. He’s just trying to fuck you up and get you to pay extra for the things you don’t need.

Note: We were crazy lucky with our scooter rental, as we found a 125cc Click, for which we pay 35€ per month. However, you will not find it that cheap from anywhere, at least not for a short term use.

Refueling your scooter from empty to full costs 4.3€ which gives you a comfortable ride for several days. So the price for a liter of gasoline is about 80 cents. And this is not the environment-friendy NinetyEight, but the NinetyOne that really gives a nice black puff from a pipe. Healthy as f*ck.

Massage services start from 5.8€ for an hour-long foot massage. A full Thai massage costs around 9 euros. Remember that if you see six young and pretty girls (or someone who looks like a girl) in front of the massage place wearing too short shorts you will probably be paying the higher price. Higher prices may include “other services” but usually these places have nothing to do with Thai massage. So you should go to a real massage place or spa where the masseuse is maybe an older lady. You’ll get a better massage and you don’t have to worry about bringing nasty presents back to home.

Cheaper than most places but everything is relative

Here is a little indication of how expensive Koh Samui is and what everything costs. Of course, everything is compensated with the local wage level, so what might be cheap for one might not be cheap for a another. It must also be remembered that “Farangs” always pays more for everything and in some places there are even menus that are different for the locals and for foreigners.

If you want to know more about how much a particular service or product costs, then ask. We’ll find out if we don’t know.