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How is life in Thailand?

As you may already know we’ve been living in Koh Samui for six months now. We’ve seen the good sides of Thailand and some of the bad sides. But how our life really is? This time it’s about time to tell a bit about ourselves and also our daily life.

Sorry to crack your heart-shaped glasses but living in a ”paradise island” doesn’t really make a difference compared to any other place in the world. Sure in some cities there are skyscrapers, big malls, busy atmosphere and the weather might be different with a snow storms or fallen leaves of autumn. Koh Samui is a small island (228.7km2) that you can drive around in an hour. There are no skyscrapers but there are lots of resorts, villas and hotels and only a one mall. And that’s not even very big one. But the atmosphere is very slow-phased and easygoing and the weather is sunny pretty much every day (except for rainy season of course).

Beached whale in Koh Samui

How is our ordinary week then?

Our weekdays mostly consists of driving to work at noon (because we work with a Finnish time table) and get off at evening. And yes we really have a office for work since we’re not digital nomads or remote workers who can hang around at the beach or at home making phone calls or writing emails. After we get off work we go get something to eat, usually to some thai restaurant because they have delicious food with very affordable price (ordinary thai meal with a soda costs about 3€). We really don’t make the food at home because we get off work so late and we don’t even have an oven or kettle at the moment. It’s much easier to eat outside since the price is pretty much the same compared eating outside or at home + you don’t have to do the dishes.

When we get home we usually spend our time working with our blogs and searching for ways to grow our audiences. Mostly we’ve been focusing on our Finnish blog for the past two weeks but we are still working with getting this English version up to date. We’ve also been doing some collaborations with various Finnish media sites and also with some companies here in Samui.

When we had a private pool. *sniff* 😦

Like we said; our weekdays won’t be anything special. Sure we COULD wake up early and go to the beach or hike up the mountain but no. The pillow is too comfy. We know it’s very bad habit and it would be great to take a swim at morning but maybe we do it “tomorrow”. We actually went to a morning swim every day in our first apartment because we had a private pool but now we would have to drive 10min to the beach and then back. It really isn’t the same. And that’s maybe the stupidest excuse ever. But anyway…

On the other hand we have our own fish tank at the terrace that could fit two person at the same time. But sitting in a fish tank with a few catfish? Maybe no.

We have a fish tank, such wow!

How about a weekend in Koh Samui?

At weekend we usually have too much to do. Why? Because we overbook our weekends with photoshoots, blogging or visiting sightseeings or something like that. Sometimes we’re planning to visit the beach but the truth is that we really don’t have the time. Or would have if we could get our assess up from the bed much earlier. We should really get rid off that pillow… But this is actually a great example of the easygoing life in Thailand. Basically you would have to do only one thing per day because that’s what everybody tells you to do. But we are not at that point yet.

Koh Nang Yuan

We haven’t really done any activities here in Samui because the lack of time. We could try all kinds of stuff from jet-skiing and ATV rides to zip-lining or having a visit on a Elephant Sanctuary (this is the first one on our to-do-list) but we have managed to get to snorkeling and hiking. Snorkeling is definitely the thing we would love to do more since the ”underwater world” is so exciting!

Future plans

Sorry that this blog post wasn’t anything special but we still hope you understand that writing this English blog can be difficult sometimes. Now we’re trying not to repeat the same old too much and we really don’t want to write about all the things we’ve done in the past or translate everything from our Finnish blog directly to here.

In the near future we will tell you everything we know about Visas and visaruns, work permits and the price levels here in Samui. At the start of February there’s also a small surprise for you so keep in touch!