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“Well that escalated quickly”

Hanne: Hey hey listen! Are in a busy at the moment?!
Markus: A little bit yea but what is it about?
Hanne: You’re getting a phone call in a minute. It’s the guy from Thailand!
Markus: What?!
Hanne: Yea yea about the job we both applied yesterday! He just called me and he also wants to talk with you. He said he wants to hire us ASAP!
Markus: Ouhmffmm?
Hanne: Exactly!! He will call you in a minute. You’ll have to pick up the phone!
Markus: Okay okay I’m ready! We’ll talk later byee!

This was the phone conversation in April that started the snowball effect which changed our whole lives. That’s why we are writing this at the moment. But let’s take a few steps back and also a recap what has happened during the past 8 months.

At first we wrote our blog only in finnish at the travelling site called Rantapallo but now we thought it was about the time to change it into an english one. We are still writing the finnish version too since it has so many readers but it’s our dream to share our story to a bigger audience.

One shot, one opportunity

Our story started on April of 2019 when we were thinking what to do with our lives. We have lived in Finland and mostly in capital area. Our life really had no problems and everything was okay. We had a steady job at one of the Finland’s biggest electronics store and we lived in a decent rental apartment. But then again something got us thinking “Is this it? Is this the life of the 30 year old couple? Going to work every morning from 9am to 5pm five days a week? After the day at the office is over you come home, make dinner, watch Netflix and go to sleep. Just to repeat the same thing over again. Maybe thinking that some day something will change?

Then the idea hit us. No. It won’t have to be like that. It can be different and since we both have been dreaming about the life abroad so why not start now? We don’t have kids or loan so what is really stopping us? So we quit. We quit the job and started to find a new one. Somewhere outside Finland. At first we looked countries like Spain, Poland and Hong Kong but then there was this one post about the telemarketing company located in Thailand. Well what the heck, we’ve never tried telemarketing before and you can’t judge a book by it’s cover so we applied for the job. Maybe we will get an answer in a month or two. If ever.

After the next day there was this phone conversation that was mentioned at the beginning. The guy from the Thailand’s office called and wanted us to work there as soon as possible. We both had the same thing on mind; This was our opportunity. We’ve found a door to a new life. All we had to do is say yes and walk through it. And we did.

Fast forward from Helsinki to Koh Samui

We will not skip alot of things since we don’t want the first post to be five pages long. Okay, we sold everything. Goodbye iMac, goodbye TV, goodbye BMW (and thanks for the engine failure just before selling), goodbye all the furnitures, winter clothes and all the kitchenware. Selling the stuff was pretty problematic since we only had two months to get rid of everything before the plane leaves. But we managed to do it anyway, barely. We would have gotten more money if we’ve had the time but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Besides selling everything we had to take care of the vaccinations, renew our passports, inform the finnish government offices about the situation and say goodbye to our friends and families. After two months everything was ready. We had packed all the clothes and camera gear and we had enough money for the trip and to live the first few months in Thailand.

At the start of July the plane took off and headed to Hong Kong. We were taking a much awaited week in Hong Kong after dealing all the shit with the Facebook Marketplace and the flea markets and their users. The worst thing about all of this was selling the fortune we had since people at in FB’s Marketplace are so frustrating with all the empty promises and the dumb questions. People make reserves but never arrive to pick it up and asking -50% discounts of the things that are worth 3€.

After the week of lovely Hong Kong it was time to move on and arrive to our new home in Koh Samui. We got a nice rental appartment pretty quick and started our new job. In Finland everything felt like we were in a rat’s race (or squirrel wheel like finnish people say) running back and forth and everything was so hectic. Here in Thailand the life is much simpler and slower, there is no snow or cold and people are (at least they look like) much happier and more satisfied with the life they have instead of being jealous of your neighbours new car and spend their weekends drinking booze and complaining about everything, literally.

Also it’s kinda nice to see the ocean and wear no shoes.

Hop Into Our Boots

Anyway welcome to our blog and thank you for following our life here in Koh Samui. We are trying to update this weekly but at the meantime be sure to check out our social media sites listed on the side bar. This first post is an introduction of who we are and what’s our situation at the moment.

We happily answer all the questions you may have so don’t hesitate to ask anything you have in mind.

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