Our story in short

Hop Into My Boots, what is that?“, someone may ask

The idea to start a common social media account occured while we were sipping wine at the cabin located in the Northern Finland. We spent our first vacation together at a small village called Äkäslompolo. We’ve borrowed a DJI drone from work and we wanted to test it out at the wintery scenery. After a couple of days we noticed that we both had been shooting similar kind of content so why not share them to others? That got us thinking and we made a common Instagram account called Hop Into My Boots. A while after the vacation we also opened our own Youtube channel where we would publish more content from our future travels.

At the spring of 2019 we got an information that there would be a new job waiting for us at the paradise island of Thailand called Koh Samui. It was the biggest change in our lifes we’ve ever had so we thought some kind of diary would be great since therefore we could share our thoughts and precious moments with our loved ones like friends and families. And also tell people about how is the life in Thailand as an expat instead of a tourist.

We started to write the blog in finnish to the site called Rantapallo but now that is has more readers around the world we decided to open a new blog written in english. It would also be helpful for us in the future projects and maybe even grow the tourism in Thailand since at the moment it isn’t as good as it used to be.


Lipa Noi Beach of Koh Samui

Who we are?

We are Hanne and Markus, a finnish couple in their thirties who wanted to break the squirrels wheel (means to drop out the rat race) and look for the new lifestyle in a whole new world and at the country we’ve never visited before. After we had sold everything we owned and bought a one way tickets we hopped on to the plane and here we are. Sitting under the palm tree writing this blog. Well not really since it’s kinda hard to sit on a sand with a laptop but you get the idea…

Anyway; we hope you like our blog and please understand that english isn’t our native language so there might (well, will be) some typing errors. We are more than happy to welcome you to hop into our boots.