Postcard for you, from us!

We’ve started to write our Finnish blog about nine months ago. And in such a short period of time we have managed to get alot of readers around the world. Sure this blog is kinda new but there’s still alot of you guys reading these posts. We don’t know how you found your way in here but we’re glad you did.

Originally, this was meant to be just a diary for relatives and friends and maybe some random passers-by perhaps as being somekind of inspiration to follow the dreams or even hop off from the rat race. Something similar we did over 6 months ago.

However, the number of visitors to our blog has increased tremendously over the past few months and more followers have started to appear. Thanks to all of you, we hope you visit our blog again and maybe even share your thoughts of our posts or what we do. We would also love to hear what kind of people are reading these texts.

You’ve given us so much in such short period of time, but now it’s our turn to give you something in return. We decided to start a monthly tradition where once a month we send a personalized postcard to one of our readers.

There are three rules:

  1. Post a comment on this post about “Your best travel experience / memory“.
  2. When commenting, make sure your email address is something we can send email to.
  3. You can send your comments until the end of February.

In March, we will look at the comments and personally contact one person selected by WheelOfNames. We don’t choose the “best” comment, but let the Wheel of Fortune decide.

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